You market to the marijuana industry? Hi.

Welcome to Stressdesign. We think that the legalization of marijuana is one of the next big American industries, and we want to help your company get your product to market with a professional face that will attract customers and gain you more sales. legalization_marketing.jpg

How can we help? Stressdesign has expertise with developing award winning marketing solutions for all kinds of business. Until recently, it's been taboo and largely illegal to promote the health and recreational benefits of marijuana. We all know that's changing, and we want to be a part of the future.

We think that marijuana reform is comparable to prohibition in the 1930's. The barriers are going to come burning down. Stressdesign can help your company take the lead in this burgeoning market.

Our Capabilities

Take a look at our capabilities and experience and how we can help your marijuana based business succeed.


Our Clients

Wait, you don't see other marijuana companies in our portfolio? Remember there hasn't been any. Until now. We want you to be the first.

Come closer, let us tell you a secret. Everything we've learned since we founded Stressdesign in 2000 can be applied to the marijuana industry. In fact, we can take some of the things we've learned from other industries and market segments and leverage them for astonishing results.

We have experience in many industries including medical, start-ups, b2b, financial, consumer products goods. Each of these has direct correlations to the marijuana industry.


If you need to keep things quiet because you're working on venture funding or you're concerned about privacy or discretion, take a look at our private label CovertWorks™ platform.

CovertWorks™ can help your company be successful by developing private board presentations, working marketing models for private testing, and other branding solutions with a veil of secrecy.

We'd love to help you make your profits higher. Contact us today.