03 Mar

Marc Stress Contributes a Chair to AIGA 100

As part of this year’s AIGA centennial celebration, the AIGA National Design Center is paying homage to the classic design icon of the chair at the “Facing Forward: AIGA at 100? exhibit, which opened in New York this week. We are proud to say that one chair comes from one of Stressdesign's own.



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11 Feb

Sochi Pictograms


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10 Feb

Name Change Strategy

Changing the name of your organization can be a daunting task. We've taken a number of our clients through name change or updates in the past decade with success. It's not always easy, and sometimes can be quite scary for the team involved. This process assumes there's an approved name in place. We've taken a very complex solution and distilled it into six component parts. It's important to have a plan in place for success, this outline will help you consider a process that works for your organization.

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02 Jan

Stressdesign 2014 Calendars

Stressdesign 2014-2015 calendars now available for download

The Stressdesign 2014 calendar is now available for download as a letter sized (8.5 x 11) sheet, or tabloid (11 x 17) and. This year, we're also offering quarterly desktop images in 5 sizes for download. Choose the size that matches your favorite printer, download, print and post. Makes a great planning calendar that you can print and bring to meetings, or have in your notebook. Post one at work, in the kitchen… anywhere you need a calendar.

Download and print your own at either size, or download both. We’d love to see it in use… send us a picture of how you’re using the calendar and we’ll post on our Facebook Page.

Select your download below.

8.5 x 11 Calendar

11 x 17 Calendar

Q1 Desktop Calendar

+2014 Stressdesign LTR Calendar
(12 Month)
+2014 Stressdesign TAB Calendar
(15 Month)

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13 Sep

A Great Week for Webdesign and Branding

When doing website design things move so fast it's a challenge to realize everything we do. A few months ago on Facebook we were reflecting on the week and realized how much we'd accomplished with and for our clients and for Stressdesign. It was one of our most popular posts. People were IM'ing us and talking to us in person about all that we did. It was not a marketing stunt, it was an honest review of everything we'd gotten done that week. We took a few minutes to review our accomplishments again this week. So we posted another installment. Here's what we did.


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