25 Feb

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish.


Oliver Herford knew what he was talking about. Stressdesign wants to show you that we know what we are talking about as well, so we’re practicing what we preach. In order to achieve our goals for 2015 (and beyond), we wanted a certain polish, so we have taken on a move of our office to a new location (More on that in another post.). Our new location merges nicely with our first prediction for 2015.

Predictions for 2015, part deux

Stronger, Intelligent Collaborations

We’ve seen this with Accenture and Fjord, Captial One and Adaptive Path, already this year with Teehan Lax joining the Facebook team. All of these are about improving UX (User Experience), or extending the range of the company. Partnerships like this will be more valuable to organizations than takeovers or buyouts as design and designers influence a business from the inside, and not from the outside anymore.

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25 Feb

Our New Address

k k_arrived.png

After more than 13 years in our previous location, Stressdesign has a new home in the Armory Square neighborhood of Syracuse, NY. Our new home is the former J.I. Case building at 358 West Jefferson St. King King architects re-envisioned the structure as a LEED Platinum Certified urban creative center in 2009. The building is home to King King, Stressdesign and 3 other companies.

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26 Jan

What does the future hold? Success!


Now that the rush of the New Year is over we want to share with you some of our thoughts for how you can guide your branding and communications program to success for 2015 and beyond.

The beginning of a new year is filled with resolutions and predictions. Every year prognosticators spout off, trends are trumpeted, and predictions are made. Stressdesign is an exception. Yes, we’ve taken a look into our crystal ball. Yes, we’re making predictions. But, we’re predicting the techniques and tools you need for making your 2015 business resolutions come true.

We have 15 items that we know will help you and your company. Through series we will be spreading them out over the next few weeks so you can research and reflect on them. We’ve provided an example of how we are already applying the idea with other clients, but once you’ve found a tool or technique you like, come talk to us about how you can use it for your business.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” —Peter F. Drucker

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15 Dec

Hand Crafted Desktop Tree


This holiday season we've created something special for you to download and create a festive holiday mood right at your desk. Download our Christmas-y PDF to print out and create a little forest of spirit right on your desk.

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14 Nov

Running Up That Hill

We all want to succeed. We all want to find our company at the top of the heap. But, after we’ve started, made some progress, put in a good amount of effort, where do we often find ourselves? Halfway to our goals. Dissatisfied. Not quite achieving our dreams. Unhappy. Stuck at mediocre.

How do we end up at mediocre? You did the planning. You chose good people. You did the market studies. You really wanted this. Well, we find ourselves there because, we make choices that impede our progress. In our daily battle with uncertainty and fear, these choices slow us down. Tire us out. Eventually, we allow comfort and apathy to take over. We don’t stand up for our beliefs and dreams. We don’t take action anymore. We stop moving forward. We find ourselves, and our businesses, losing momentum and speed running up that hill towards our goals.

Mediocre comes from the Latin words medi and ocrus. When combined, they mean “middle of a stony mountain”. When we accept mediocrity, we stop halfway up the mountain, halfway to our goal. We don’t plan to stop there. We don’t want to stay there. So, how do we get beyond this middle point? By being brave every day.

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” -Gretchen Rubin

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