05 Jan

4 Ways Branding Will Change in 2016

The one constant thing we deal with as a design firm, is continual change. What worked or mattered a decade ago hardly seems Manekineko_The_Cat_She_Beckons.gifrelevant now, and new apps, ideas, and technologies are changing the ways we design for the web, and business, on an almost monthly basis. In 2010, the iPad was launched and created dozens of industries around this one device. Today we can’t imagine a world without mobile computing.

This is all a big way of saying that change comes quickly on the backs of technology, and it’s not always easy to predict where we are going. Still, some trends can be spotted ahead of time. In fact, those tend to be the biggest and most significant, so it makes sense for us to protect ourselves (and our client companies) from the future when it’s obvious what’s on the horizon.

With that in mind, here are four areas we’re watching where web design and marketing will change in 2016, so that you can start preparing with us now:


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09 Dec

DIY Desktop Christmas Tree


This holiday season we've created something special for you to download and create a festive holiday mood right at your desk. Download our Christmas-y PDF to print out and create a little forest of holiday spirit.


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03 Nov

Don't Place All Your Bets on SEO

Business owners and marketing executives tend to think of Internet marketing and search engine optimization as going hand-in-hand. There are other ways to bring new visitors to your website. In fact, your company might be better off being less dependent on Google and the other search engines than it is right now.

To understand why, here are three reasons not to depend on SEO as your only source of new customers on the Internet:

#1 Algorithm Changes Can Wreak Havoc with Your Traffic

In the same way that commercial fishermen catch things like tires and soda cans in their nets, Google often punishes good marketers (unintentionally) with successive algorithm updates. That means that, even if you’re careful and always do things ethically, future search engine changes could wreak havoc with your business.

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09 Jul

Philanthropic Foodies


Founded in 2012, the goal of Philanthropic Foodies is simple – to eat, drink, and give back! PhilanthropicFoodies combines a culinary showcase of talented local chefs and products from local purveyors, as well as a silent and live auction, to create a unique fundraising event that benefits multiple nonprofits within the Central New York community.

Philanthropic Foodies was born from the desire of local food enthusiasts to channel something we love to do (eat and drink) into a vehicle to give back to our community. In the past three years, Philanthropic Foodies has donated over $100,000 to five deserving and local organizations: Friends of Dorothy House, The Samaritan Center, On Point for College, Signature Music and CancerConnects. In 2015, we're thrilled to once again honor Friends of Dorothy and welcome Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer and The First Tee Syracuse.

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20 May

What Hangs In The Balance?

Branding is about balance, a measured approach across many different media and tools for communications. In this article, we look at some of the parts of a modern brand communication program and talk about the benefits for finding balance that makes sense for your organization.


There are buzzwords, trends, and novelties in every field: Tickle Me Elmo, jeggings, disco music. People clamour about how this is going to bring you big profits, or that is going to change the market.They write about them. They talk about them in the media. They are often touted as the ONLY thing you need to do to succeed. Many times, you can get caught up in the hoopla.

Just like a tight-rope walker, you need to keep your balance. The best way to market and brand is to offer a variety of strategies and techniques. If you use “traditional” strategies, and some of these new trends, you can offer and present to a larger audience and speak more directly to each one.

Today, there are lots of new options to add to your campaigns. Lets take a look at some of the current trends and buzzwords being touted by pundits and media. We’ll provide a definition of the trend, its strengths and weaknesses, and an overall summary of its worth.

“[Branding] is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” -Thomas Merton

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