23 Feb

Who Knew? Book Cover Design

Who Knew Book Cover for Author Christine Andola

We recently helped Author Christine Andola with the cover design of her new book Who Knew? The fictional book comes from mostly real-life lessons gleaned in 40 years of personal experience.

"In designing the book cover, we wanted to capture the humor and femininity of the story without pandering or being too girly" says Design Director Marc Stress. "The book approaches life with a retrospective smile, and we wanted to convey a kind of inside sense of humor." Working with Photographer Caitlin Bom, she was able to capture great images of Christine that nod at the viewer, letting them in on the joke a bit.


Stressdesign also helped design and develop some additional marketing tools for Christine to use at in person book signings as she tours during initial book launch events. Via the Stressdesign instagram and Facebook feeds, we promoted the book with some co-marketing efforts that directed viewers to the Amazon book store. The social marketing efforts have resulted in dozens of share and hundreds of links to the online retailer.



Who Knew? Now available on Amazon and direct from Archway Publishing.

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