05 Jan

4 Ways Branding Will Change in 2016

The one constant thing we deal with as a design firm, is continual change. What worked or mattered a decade ago hardly seems Manekineko_The_Cat_She_Beckons.gifrelevant now, and new apps, ideas, and technologies are changing the ways we design for the web, and business, on an almost monthly basis. In 2010, the iPad was launched and created dozens of industries around this one device. Today we can’t imagine a world without mobile computing.

This is all a big way of saying that change comes quickly on the backs of technology, and it’s not always easy to predict where we are going. Still, some trends can be spotted ahead of time. In fact, those tend to be the biggest and most significant, so it makes sense for us to protect ourselves (and our client companies) from the future when it’s obvious what’s on the horizon.

With that in mind, here are four areas we’re watching where web design and marketing will change in 2016, so that you can start preparing with us now:



#1 Marketing Campaigns Are Getting Tighter and Tighter

As competition increases on the Internet, businesses are discovering that makes sense to target exact groups of buyers, rather than large swaths of people. So, even businesses with a broad customer base (and the resources to target lots of different buyer types) are figuring out that running small, focused campaigns is the way to go. There’s no reason to think this trend will continue in 2016 and beyond.

#2 There’s No Such Thing As Mobile Compatibility Anymore

Mobile compatibility—responsive design— has been a hot topic over the last few years, but with smart phone and tablet users now making up the majority on the Internet, it’s a moot point. If you don’t have a modern website that displays correctly on these devices, then you are falling behind your competitors at an alarming rate. Mobile compatibility isn’t a just perk anymore; it’s an absolute must have detail for all websites. If your website isn’t responsive, your company is missing out.

#3 Search Engine Thinking is Shifting beneath Our Feet

We’ve talked a lot here on Insights about search— and for good reason. Search is far and away the most frequently asked about topic by our customers. In its earliest days, Google blew away competitors by measuring things like keyword density and inbound links. Now, its famous— and often changin algorithm incorporates more than 200 different factors, and many of them are personalized to individual searchers. That means you might not get the same results that I would, and exact keyword matches are taking a backseat to contextualized results. What’s next? AI. Yes, that AI. Google recently announced Rank Brain it’s new tool that is ranking and optimizing all search queries.

#4 Social Media Will Become Even More Important (But Not Necessarily in the Way You Think)

It’s no secret that social media usage is exploding, and that millions of your customers log on to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn every day. But, while a lot of marketers want to treat social like another form of search, buyers see things differently. They use social to find reviews, recommendations, and personalized contact. If you use your social accounts to simply broadcast marketing messages, you can’t be surprised when sophisticated buyers fail to respond.

We don’t have a crystal ball in our offices, but thankfully we don’t need one to make these easy predictions and feel confident that they are going to not only come true, but impact your business in a number of different ways. Will your website design and Internet marketing plan be ready for the changes that are coming our way in 2016?

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