25 Feb

Our New Address

k k_arrived.png

After more than 13 years in our previous location, Stressdesign has a new home in the Armory Square neighborhood of Syracuse, NY. Our new home is the former J.I. Case building at 358 West Jefferson St. King King architects re-envisioned the structure as a LEED Platinum Certified urban creative center in 2009. The building is home to King King, Stressdesign and 3 other companies.

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The move to an environmentally responsible building supports Stressdesign's long-standing sustainability focus, and provides other benefits, including placing the firm closer to the city's center. "We feel that this location will encourage new collaborative opportunities as well as improved employee wellness," says Marc Stress, the firm's Principal. "We've got great access to resources and clients downtown. Consequently, walking has increased dramatically, especially to meetings and around the local community," says Stress. "This is good for everyone's health, and for creativity." Besides improving general health and well-being, research has shown walking can increase creativity by 60% or more.

The firm's new address is 358 West Jefferson St, Suite 200, Syracuse, NY 13204. Telephone, email and URLs remain the same.

"We're looking forward," says Stress, "to this being the jumping-off point for the next fifteen years of our success.