03 Mar

Marc Stress Contributes a Chair to AIGA 100

As part of this year’s AIGA centennial celebration, the AIGA National Design Center is paying homage to the classic design icon of the chair at the “Facing Forward: AIGA at 100? exhibit, which opened in New York this week. We are proud to say that one chair comes from one of Stressdesign's own.




The Facing Forward exhibition is a tribute to the founding days and members of AIGA. Founded in 1914, as the American Institute of Graphic Arts in New York City. As a nod to its earliest members, each member purchased their own Windsor-style chairs for meetings and events, AIGA chapters worldwide were invited to customize Real Good chairs (donated by Blu Dot).


AIGA Upstate New York selected Stressdesign's Marc Stress to represent their chapter. Marc's design features a ripe banana on a strong wood-grain background. After sketching dozens of ideas and considering many options, Stress arrived at the design presented in the exhibition. "In doing research I learned In Buddism, the banana is symbol of the futility of earthly possessions." Stress says. "When I created this image, I also kept hearing the Frank Silver and Irving Cohn song Yes We Have No Bananas. It's also just a funny image— Marc says— no one expects a banana on a chair." Indeed.


As a national organization, AIGA has experienced many milestones: honoring more than 150 leaders with the AIGA Medal; highlighting design excellence through dozens of competitions; uniting designers around issues raised at annual conferences; and creating the opportunities for relationships that forge a true profession. AIGA's strength, however, lies in its 67 U.S. chapters and two international affiliates, which offer members a chance to celebrate design in their own communities and engage in thoughtful conversations with peers. Many of the these communities are represented in the exhibition with commemorative centennial chairs by local designers.

Visitors are invited to learn more about AIGA's history, explore local chapters, interact with the interactive design history platform "100 Years of Design," and learn how to get involved in upcoming programs and initiatives.

AIGA Facing Forward at the National Design Center

Photo credit: © Steve Haslip

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