10 Feb

Name Change Strategy

Changing the name of your organization can be a daunting task. We've taken a number of our clients through name change or updates in the past decade with success. It's not always easy, and sometimes can be quite scary for the team involved. This process assumes there's an approved name in place. We've taken a very complex solution and distilled it into six component parts. It's important to have a plan in place for success, this outline will help you consider a process that works for your organization.

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Corporate Name Change Phase One

Announce your organizations new name to employees first. Explain the reasons for the change, and provide a plan for the new name going into effect. Get everyone excited about the new identity. It may sound obvious, but there's some cheerleading to be done here. Not everyone will be thrilled with this change. Change can be scary. Encourage confidence by sharing this plan organization wide.

Corporate Name Change Phase Two

Contact your largest customers to provide a heads-up before you inform the public at large. Giving your most significant supporters a preview of this announcement will help ensure that they feel valued.

Corporate Name Change Phase Three

Create a community release and personal letters informing other local businesses about the name change. Express excitement about the new transformation and stress that all of the good things about the organization will continue under the new name.

Corporate Name Change Phase Four

Timeline: 1-6 months Distribute press releases announcing the organizations new name. Include background information on history of your organization, reasons for the name change and the future plans for growth. This will coincide with website change-over, signage updates, social media and email blast announcement.

Corporate Name Change Phase Five

Timeline: 1 month until completion In coordination with the above update stationary, marketing material, social media, and website. Your existing domain will be redirected to a custom landing page on the new domain providing information on the transformation.

Corporate Name Change Phase Six

Timeline: 1-2 months after change Host a name change press/community event. Develop marketing materials and signage to support the name change. Host a press conference at event to announce name change and to underscore the mission and goals of the organization.

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