11 Nov

Honoring Veterans


All of us at stressdesign appreciate each and everyone of the armed forces members that have served the U.S.A. to support our freedom. There are thousands of stories of how veterans have touched our lives and made us all proud to be American. Stephanie Kelly of SSK HR reflects on memories of aWWII and Korean War veteran.

This Veterans day, look around. Reach out to the cousin, uncle, sister, parent, husband or wife who has given part of their life to stand up for the ideals to defend the oldest Democracy in the world. Give a hug, shake a hand, say a prayer, and say thank you to any and every veteran and armed services member that you know or have known. If you have story about how a veteran has touched your life, share a link or comment below.

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. OorahHooahHooyahThank you.

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