22 May

Stressdesign X Hundred



We had an idea a while ago. How can we get more fans on our Facebook page? How can we leverage the power of the people that already know and love us to reach new audiences who will —undoubtedly â€” love us? We could just ask our existing fans to tell their friends about us, and fan our Facebook page, and track what we’re doing but that seemed dull. Why not make it a contest… why not make it a contest with really cool prizes like iPod and stressdesign stuff? That’s what we did. Authorize the Facebook application to get started now! You will be asked to sign in to Facebook.

Stressdesign X Hundred

Beginning Friday 22 May, start your browsers, and invite your friends to be fans of stressdesign. The contest will run for 500 hours. Results will be tabulated and winners announced via AXNTâ„¢. Prizes will be distributed within 8 weeks of close of contest. See full contest rules for more information.

Like the Indianapolis 500, this is a race. A race for you to get the most fan referrals to stressdesign. A race for your chance to win a custom iPod Touch and other great prizes. A race to tell people you know about the great brand communication design firm called stressdesign.

The contest is simple.

  1. Become a fan of stressdesign on FaceBook
  2. Add X-hundred Application to your profile
  3. Invite your friends
  4. Your friends accept and become a fan stressdesign
  5. The person with the most accepted referrals wins.
  6. Prizes for the top 10 finishers.

We’re calling it X-hundred because we realize there’s an opportunity to have hundreds of fans potentially, even thousands. You tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and, well— you know how it goes.

First place prize includes a custom iPod Touch and other great stressdesign swag in a 1-of-a-kind prize pack.


Complete list of X Hundred Prizes is available here.

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