23 Feb

Who Knew? Book Cover Design

Who Knew Book Cover for Author Christine Andola

We recently helped Author Christine Andola with the cover design of her new book Who Knew? The fictional book comes from mostly real-life lessons gleaned in 40 years of personal experience.

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11 Jan

Why We Cross-Pollinate Branding

Cross-Pollinate Branding Ideas

Ever since a handful of forward-thinking business titans came up with the idea of the assembly line, our world has become more and more specialized. This is especially true in our industry – whereas you used to have graphic designers, now you find web designers, full-stack programmers, UI/UX designers, marketing coordinatorsfront-end developers, and so many other focused creative minds who used to fall under the broad umbrellas of “design” or “marketing.” 

On the whole, this is probably a good and necessary change. Some parts of the marketing process have simply become much too complex for an outsider to keep up with, and certainly there are industries with so many quirks, rules, and regulations that developing a specialty is a necessary step.

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16 Dec

2016 DIY Desktop Tree


This holiday season we've created something special for you. Download and create a DIY festive holiday mood right at your desk, or make any space more fun. Download our Christmas-y PDF to print out and create a little forest of holiday spirit.


Click here to download crafty christmas cheer!


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30 Nov

Stressdesign Wins Top Recognition in National Survey


Stressdesign has received a trio of American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA (GD USA). Stressdesign was recognized for excellence for 3 customer solutions for the Everson Museum website, The Molly Project Brand Identity program, and the 2015 Annual Report for NYSERnet. Only the top 15 percent, from nearly 10,000 entries received, were honored with an award this year. 

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12 Oct

Launching a New Brand name or Product

In a previous post we shared a process for developing a new brand name for a company, department or product. You can read more on that here. Once that name has been developed, and approved, it must be shared with your customers.


This outline below serves as a starting guide to plan out a brand name launch program. It’s intended to be a scaleable reference tool. Stressdesign uses this plan as a starting point for it’s branding announcement efforts. A larger brand program would likely have more steps and occur over a longer period of time, a smaller effort is likely to have fewer moving parts. The answer lies in finding the balance, and what fits your company.

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