Working with stressdesign

We're often asked how much an annual report, brand identity program or website costs. That’s a bit like asking how much a house costs. When choosing a house, you first decide how many floors, bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and whether there will be a garage or basement. Where is the house located? Will the kitchen have granite or formica counters, hardwood flooring or wall-to-wall carpet?

When defining a communication project, whether it’s to create a new brand identity, website, publications, sales material or annual reports, the need is the same. We must first know what business needs we're solving with you, then define the scope of the project to determine the overall cost. As a baseline, our clients are investing $25,000-$85,000 over the course of a year.

Added services, increased scope complexities and additional components will increase the price from there. More complex projects that may include larger print runs, ecommerce, multimedia, custom development or programming generally fall around $35k to $60k. And projects that require enterprise-level functionality, multiple types of media storage and delivery, multi-tiered branding very large production runs or other highly customized solutions can require budgets greater than $100,000 and up.

You'll find these rates competitive and similar to other boutique brand communication design firms with regional and national clientele.

Can We Help You Next?

Our most successful clients —those who get the most for their money— work with Stressdesign as a partner rather than a vendor. There are plenty of vendors who can simply take orders and click buttons.

Our clients need more than that; they know they need our help creating a plan before one page is laid-out or before one pixel blinks on your screen. We're confident in our expertise, and we love working with companies who are confident in theirs.

We're only looking for a few good clients. Can we help you next? Contact Stressdesign today to find out.