Our packages, our labels have six simple words From the Nice People at Stressdesign. Why? If things don't start from nice, if we aren't considerate and thoughtful, if we aren’t meticulous, how can we develop brand communications and websites that are nice? Short answer: we can't, and you wouldn't want us to. So, we start with nice, and let it grow from there.


Marci Vanderveer

Project Coordinator Marci brings more than a decade of management and customer service experience from the hospitality industry. Since joining stressdesign in 2009, she has become a pivotal part of the team keeping project goals on track, and everyone in the loop.

Kathy Opett

Office Manager Kathy is instrumental in keeping all the bits of our business intact. Kathy has been working in and around the design industry for more than 17 years. She exudes professionalism in everything she does.


Sarah Burns

Designer Sarah is a modern designer with a traditional work ethic. Her dedication to great design and finding solutions to the larger problem are a valuable asset to the team. Through her career Sarah has worked with local, regional and national brands including Promentum Health, Little Tree, Maines, Tessy Plastics, Vera House and others.

Kate Maggiolino

Designer Kate is a collaborative thinker and has been beneficial in developing targeted communications solutions and establishing brand awareness to realize client objectives. Her work for stressdesign includes identity development and publication design for various clients.

Chris Seymour

Web Developer Chris in invaluable in the development of a solid HTML code platform that allows us to create sites that are SEO friendly and render across all modern platforms. Chris Seymour, living in Rochester, NY, is our brave telecommuter for Stressdesign. Daily, Chris braves the broadband packets and IP addresses to join the creative fray with us. Chris writes about the Concrete5 content management system at


Marc Stress

Marc Stress founded Stressdesign in 2000 with a singular goal: develop compelling brand communications led by design thinking. Nearly 15 years later, Marc has steered the company to successful heights and helped dozens of clients exceed their marketing potential and business goals.

Marc's career history includes stints in small design boutiques, in-house design studios, and in one of the largest design firms in the northeast. Marc built Stressdesign on those experiences, and set out to create a design focused office that includes client insight and creativity as part of the process. Also, Marc has served AIGA locally and nationally since 2000, most recently on a National Task Force for social media. In 2008, Marc was selected as a GD USA People To Watch

Across the arc of his career, Marc has worked with a wide range of brands, and created award winning solutions from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies as well as exclusive boutique brands including 3M, Disney, Dummies™, Home Depot, JPMorgan, Pass&Seymour Legrand, RCB Funds, and many others.

Marc has acted as a judge for, and been a recipient of, numerous international design awards, as well as other honors from professional organizations and publications. He speaks regularly to companies about how design and branding benefit all organizations, and to students about career development. He also serves on the boards of several organizations, and as an ad-hoc brand consultant to many companies and non-profit organizations.